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Gloverall Autumn Winter 20 Inspirations

Gloverall AW20 

For Autumn Winter 20 we at Gloverall have been inspired by the intrepid explorers of the coldest regions, those who risk it all and dare to brave the elements. This collection of weather wearing pieces reunites Gloverall with its vast performance heritage in new exciting and innovative ways. 

New Fabrics and Colours For AW20

Seasonal 52

The composition of our 52 fabric is 85% wool, 15% polyamide. The 52 is a staple Gloverall cloth which we have used for many years. Used for various products and famously our Original Monty Duffle Coat where we feature the jacket in seven colourways. Now for AW20, we are introducing our Original Monty in a new beautiful autumnal colour pine which is a deep dark green. 

Our boiled wool cloth was originally used in naval apparel hence why it is great to keep out prevailing winds. It has a dense structure, helping to keep you warm during the cold weather, ensuring It is very insulating and protects. 

The lanolin in the wool is what gives it the brilliant water-repellent properties. Lanolin is the oil secreted from the glands of wool-bearing animals. The job of lanolin is to naturally protect the animal’s coat from the climate and harsh elements faced in the environment. Thus creating a brilliant fabric for us to keep you protected, warm and fashionable this winter and for the seasons to come. 

Moodboard AW20

Showerproof Cotton Nylon

Our Showerproof cotton nylon, known as our KIT fabric has been used for Gloverall’s last three seasons. For AW20 we have used this versatile fabric in three colourways stone, khaki and navy. 

The fabric has a good structure to it despite it being lightweight it holds it’s shaped well. Enabling us to create beautiful pieces for AW20 such as our Car Coat for men and our Tilbury Short Padded Duffle Coat. It is a durable water-repellent fabric with a textured natural hand-feel. 

Crafted exquisitely in a mill which started operations in 1954. The mill strives for an eco-friendly manufacturing practice controlling its production chain from the selection of yarns all the way through to the finished fabric. Thanks to this method of control they have a system aiming to optimize the traceability ensuring they can have an efficient production process and reduce waste. 

This mill has an OKEO-TEX certification short for ‘International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile and Leather Ecology’. Having this certification ensures the human-ecological safety of the products produced within the mill from the start to finish of the fabric creation.

The manufacturing and production of our whole AW20 collection is proudly made in Britain. Where we work hand in hand with highly skilled craftsmen and women up and down the British Isles to achieve a beautiful range of men’s and womenswear pieces to add to your Autumn Winter wardrobe. Crafting a mix of classic and innovative hard-wearing and protective garments which withstand the test of time.

Moodboard AW20 two


Striving to achieve the ultimate luxury duffle for AW20 we have created a beautiful winter fashion premium essential. A 100% Italian Cashmere Monty(LINK), using our core Montgomery Pattern Block and re-imagining key detailing to create this high-end super-soft duffle coat. 

Cashmere is a lightweight and more insulating option than sheep’s wool. The long length of the fibres make the cloth extremely soft to touch. Our premium fabric was sourced from a brilliant mill, Mario Bellucci in Prato, the mill has a vast heritage dating back to 1950. 

Bellucci holds its standards high to ensure they are working with towards a long term goal of continually improving how environmentally friendly there practices are. Achieving sustainable practices in the production line is an ongoing task and they do it well.

Subscribing to the Detox Commitment, whereby they try to reduce the toxic and harmful chemicals that are used within production. They also work hard to replace some raw materials with sustainable variants such as recycled wool and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified viscose. FSC has a mission to ensure the world’s forests are used in an environmentally, socially and economically viable way. Having this certification enables us to know the product comes from a responsible source.

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