Gloverall x AWMS
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Gloverall x AWMS

Gloverall join forces with Tony Sylvester, Owner and Designer at AWMS, to create an exclusive three-piece collection.

Included in this collection lies a timeless classic—the rugby shirt—reimagined with a modern twist that blends our signature branded colours with the traditional designs synonymous with AWMS.

A quintessential piece of British kit with collegiate origins, and a staple of flexible leisurewear, AWMS’s Rugby Shirt is made from a soft heavy gauge "Sportphlex' cotton mix cloth - an early performance fabric developed in the 1950s. Available in three colourways, Navy, Stone, and Orange, the shirt offers a traditional baggy fit, enhanced with details including a white herringbone cotton twill placket, split side hems, knitted cuffs, and rubber buttons.

With limited availability and no plans for restocking, this collaboration presents a unique opportunity to own a piece of sartorial history.