Gloverall X Riz Collaboration
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Gloverall X Riz

The Riz X Gloverall collaboration was born out of a mutual love of the ocean. Riz's expertise in swim shorts and Gloveralls part Naval heritage, has ensured a natural pairing where they showcase brilliant and eye-catching recycled and recyclable SS20 garments. For Spring Summer 20 we are launching this extremely exciting collaboration with Riz BoardShorts creating a capsule collection containing a matching Mid Monty Wave Duffle and pair of Wave Swim Shorts. Wear them together or mix and match with your own key wardrobe-essentials. 

Branded as ‘The Tailors of Sunshine', friends Riz Smith and Ali Murrell decided the men’s swimwear market was in need of a new innovative brand and in 2009 they leapt into action. Building an ethically conscious and eco-friendly brand, where they combined their knowledge and skills of the fashion industry and love of sailing to create a brand helping to combat the crisis we are facing globally, plastic pollution!

Joining forces with Riz has given us at Gloverall the chance to push ourselves into the world of 100% recycled fabrics and trims. Our love of British made products, fair production and ensuring product longevity has made this pairing with pioneering sustainable brand Riz even more thrilling and meaningful. 

Riz X Gloverall Mid Monty Wave Duffle

Recycled Fabric & Trims 

Each Riz X Gloverall product is crafted from 100% recycled and recyclable fabric. The fabric itself is made from plastic bottles helping to divert plastic waste from the ocean. Meaning the product can truly have a 360-degree life cycle.

With the need to make a quick-drying product such as swimwear or showerproof coats comes the need to use plastic-based fabrics. Although with both collaborators having deep-rooted ties to the sea and both using it as a muse for many collections. Essentially we have a duty to find a way to create these much sought after and needed products in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Creating a product that is built to last and wearable for years to come is important to both Gloverall and Riz. Making timeless pieces which withstand the test of time such as our Duffle Coats and Riz’s swimwear is a good starting point to push towards for sustainable fashion. 

Durability goes a long way and can ensure a customer gets good use out of a beloved product for many years. Both brands are dedicated to giving their new and loyal customer base uncompromising craftsmanship and quality for the products we sell.  

We at Gloverall admire what Riz is doing as a company to reduce the negative long term effects us humans are having on the environment when it comes to plastic waste and ocean polluting. 

The pioneering ‘Rizcycling’ method they have come up with is brilliant since each of their pair of swimming shorts is crafted from 100% recycled polyester which is in turn 100% recyclable. The method of recycling or ‘Rizcycling’ enables the company to achieve a 360-degree product lifecycle efficiently. 

Close up Gloverall X Riz Wave Print Shorts

Summer Mid Monty Wave Duffle  

Make a splash this Spring-Summer in our Mid Monty Wave Duffle brilliant colourful blue tones infuse together throughout our beautiful digitally printed sea-inspired fabric. Crafted to be lightweight, showerproof and of course aesthetically pleasing. Our wave duffle is sure to keep you protected from any unexpected weather changes and ensure you stand out from the crowd this summer season. The fabric is very quick dying making sure that this is a practical, durable and functional summer and transitional jacket.

Fastening at the front with our traditional Gloverall jute rope and wooden toggles merging classic design elements with an eccentric and contemporary take on the traditional duffle coat.  The coat is fully lined with another striking 100% recycled fabric print, this time a blue check tonally matching with the wave print. Although it may seem wild to think of two prints harmoniously pairing together, we have managed to create a wonderful, bright and exciting patterned garment guaranteeing you will make a statement this season. 

Gloverall X Riz Mid Monty Wave Duffle Coat

Wave Swim Shorts  

Within this collaboration, we have our quirky and fun Wave Swim Shorts again designed using water-based ink. You can be sure to make a statement this Summer in these swimming shorts. The all-over print shorts are crafted to an expertly tailored silhouette ensuring a brilliant fit. 

The fabric and trims are all crafted from recycled materials achieving an extremely eco-friendly product to add to your Summer wardrobe. The mix between classic tailoring and modern approach of using the latest recycled fabrics and water-based ink to digitally print gives the products an intriguing aesthetic. Making people want to know more about what they can do in regards to their fashion choices and the impact their decisions have on the environment. 

The swim shorts are designed so that they can be worn seamlessly from sea to city. Perfect when you are travelling to sunny places or if you are lucky enough to live in a lovely hot country our swimmers can become part of your daily wardrobe, how lucky are you! 

The 100% recycled polyester fabric made from plastic products is printed in the UK and then the product is manufactured ethically in Portugal. The use of recycled thread, zip fly and mesh lining aids in the environmental friendliness of the product as a whole.

The creation of this fabulous garment is not only for aesthetic reasons it also ensures we are helping to clean the global ocean and work towards a better future. Removing plastic waste which has been thoughtlessly discarded and is damaging our natural resources and the worlds animals habitats. 

Gloverall X Riz Wave Print Shorts

Fashion Revolution 

Fashion revolution week is approaching from the 20th- 26th of April 2020. Events such as this make us as consumers and creators alike think about the negative impacts on the environment and our planet when it comes to fashion, production and the working environment of craftsmen and women.

Out of all the global fashion weeks, Fashion Revolution is becoming increasingly well known and widespread as the mass public are seeing the need for a more sustainable and ethically correct fashion industry worldwide. 

From Fashion Revolutions Manifesto are these statements;

"Fashion never unnecessarily destroys or discards but mindfully redesigns and recuperates in a circular way. Fashion is repaired, reused, recycled and upcycled. Our wardrobes and landfills do not overflow with clothes that are coveted but not cherished, bought but not kept.”

"Fashion measures success by more than just sales and profits. Fashion places equal value on financial growth, human wellbeing and environmental sustainability.”

These particular statements are extremely valid and symbolise what Riz does a company, also it confirms what we at Gloverall always strive to push for, durability and timelessness of clothing. Whereby you cherish your garment or duffle coat and see it as a companion.

We want to ensure true craftsmanship and quality standards are consistently impeccably high whilst guaranteeing fair working environments and aiming to be transparent and eco-friendly in production and packaging methods. Such as at Gloverall our updated packaging methods include biodegradable tissue paper, biodegradable packing tape and we no longer use plastic packaging bags we now use brown paper envelopes.

Improving and growing as a company transparently and sustainably is a constant goal for us at Gloverall always striving to move towards a better future for all. 

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