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Gloverall's 70th Anniversary Collection

In recognition of our 70 years of unique history, we’ve created new and exclusive pieces based on 3 of our iconic styles; the Monty, the Morris and the Churchill. Researching extensively into the Gloverall archives for inspiration, our limited- edition anniversary collection is a celebration of what we do best. 



We started the anniversary design process with our Monty duffle coat, the foundation of our brand.  We kept the fit the same oversize shape as our classic Monty, based on the military surplus of Royal Navy duffle coats that were given to Gloverall after the war.  These were a huge success and Gloverall continued to sell them as they grew in popularity. The name Monty comes from General Montgomery who famously wore his throughout the war. This coat has not been altered since its original design and includes traditional elements such as internal leg straps used by sailors to keep the coat close to the body at sea. The size remains oversized as it was when it was originally made, giving an easy silhouette and allowing for layers underneath. It has large brass press studs for hood adjusters and the iconic rope and toggle fastening, which was easier for the sailors to fasten.  

To make our anniversary version instantly recognisable as something special, we developed the 70th anniversary toggle made in a new larger shape from varnished beech wood with a unique 70th engraving. We have researched extensively into the Gloverall labelling archives. After a few variations we have art-worked a new back neck label.  We’ve added historical detailing such as the individually hand-stamped internal branding and we’ve also thickened the rope for additional durability. Other changes include making the throat tab detachable and reversing the cuff tabs so the iconic cotton herringbone tape used for extra durability is visible.



The classic Morris duffle coat was originally developed by the Gloverall founders, Harold & Freda Morris to create a new and more sophisticated duffle coat to the Monty. The Morris’ main difference from the Monty is the checked double-faced cloth, visible on the inside of the coat.  The contrasting sides to the cloth give the Morris its striking look. The Morris is a more tailored and slimmer fit than the original Monty, with distinctive horn toggles and leather strapping, rather than the Monty’s wooden toggles and jute rope fastenings.

For the anniversary collection we developed an anniversary Morris, based on our bestselling Morris duffle. New features include a slightly loosened fit, to the signature Morris but still not quite as large as the Monty. We have really studied the proportions of this coat to create a more masculine cut. This includes a wider placket, wider cape and shoulders and also increased pocket and pocket flap depths. We have added some refining elements such as the leather shields, which also add durability and compliment the buffalo horn toggles.

We have designed it in two cloth options; our 58 Herringbone 100% wool cloth and the FC double-faced cloth.




Our iconic, signature Churchill reefer, was originally inspired by the peacoat worn by Winston Churchill. Our Churchill peacoat has been a best-selling signature item for Gloverall for decades. The Churchill peacoat is a regular fitting garment, which finishes mid-thigh. Key elements include hand warmer pockets, a detachable throat tab, and anchor buttons nodding to the navel heritage.  Lastly, the Churchill peacoat is fully lined and offered in a 100% wool military melton cloth.

It only felt natural to develop our best-selling Churchill peacoat, for our 70th anniversary collection, so we delved into our military archive to create a more traditional peacoat for our anniversary collection. New features include shoulder epaulettes, a longer body, and a half-buggy lining. Offered in our military melton cloth, we also introduced a Gloverall contemporary twist to this coat. With deep red internal binding and herringbone tape to highlight the intricate detail that goes into our Peacoats. The pop of colour and the detail in the anniversary peacoat, really makes this style a showstopper. We also decided to take our anniversary Churchill peacoat, in black one step further and offered it in our double-faced CT cloth, presenting the bright and wonderful royal Stewart tartan to the inside of the coat.



The 70th anniversary capsule collection, is a celebration of what Gloverall does best. Timeless, classic pieces with new contemporary twists, pushing the boundaries and capabilities of a valued, authentic British brand. Heritage and craftsmanship have always been integral to the Gloverall brand and our anniversary collection is no different.

Proudly made in England, since 1951.