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Irish Linen

The  Irish Linen used for our Walter Blazer and Rose Blazer comes from John England, who have been producing the finest fabric since 1964 from their factory in County Down. Linen was a huge industry in Belfast and the surrounding area, once known as ‘Linenopolis’, in the 19th and 20th century. The fabric is still woven and finished in the area, utilising expertise gained over centuries and the soft Irish water to create their unique finish.

Walter Linen Blazer

Linen is renowned for being lightweight and breathable, particularly in warmer weather, helping you to keep cool. As one of the strongest natural fibres, it will last for season after season and the fabric will soften and improve with wear.

Rose Linen Blazer

Made from flax, linen is a sustainable fabric. The plant grows in just 100 days with very little to no waste as it is often used to make Linseed oil. It is able to grow in tough conditions that would be unsuitable for growing crops and needs less water than cotton. As a natural product, it will biodegrade at the ends of its lifespan and can be composted.